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Wrap Dress

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iconic 70's wrap dress

The It-dress of the moment? The wrap dress, of course. An iconic item of the 1970s. The first time I wrapped the dress around my body Diane Von Furstenburg came to my mind. For a while I was reflecting on her signature piece that gave her career a boost.


Wrap dresses signifies self-assured women, who needed something practical, elegant, and sensual at the same time. And that is exactly how wrap dresses make me feel. Wearing this simple piece took me back to summers in Italy in the 70’s, there’s something romantic and retro that awakens.


DVF was not the one to invent wrap dresses, though: she reinterpreted it with a modern cut and colored prints, but this model was actually first designed in the 1930s by Charles James, who called it his “taxi dress”, because he wanted it to be suitable for any occasion: from a party, to your bedroom, to riding a cab!


With the current 70’s trends, the wrap has made a strong come back and become summers hottest dress. Whether you’re strolling the streets or laying by the beach – this is a multifunctional dress with lengths and prints for anyone.  Don’t hesitate: wrap dresses, with that retro, sophisticated touch we absolutely love, are perfect for anyone — just make sure you choose the right fabric. Trust us, you will never stop wearing yours!

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  • Natali

    I love wrap dresses, I find them so feminine and elegant! You’re looking gorgeous Sara!


    • Thank yo so much you liked it! 🙂 xx

  • Love reading the history of wrap dresses! I didn’t know it was called a taxi dress, so funny! Your photos are beyond stunning Sara and I think you and the wrap dress make a gorgeous team together!