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Why Paris is A Good Idea

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Paris, FR

Its fascinating how different cities can evoke different sides within,  each time you revisit, a new sides comes to life. This was my third time visiting Paris, just the thought feels strange because it feels like I have lived here before. Its that feeling of coming home, yet reality hits me with the truth. I can’t deny that a big part of me want to live in here for a while and hopefully, some day that dream will come true.

After weeks of traveling, Paris felt like the big finale. Not only because Fashion Month ends with PFW as the city is buzzing with fashion happenings and shows, but also because I had the pleasure to meet up with my friend Payzee from London to share another fashion week together.

Being back brought me a tremendous amount of joy and inspiration, it’s magical to be able to tap into that feeling of instant alignment. For me, its gives me a sense of freedom which also translates in how I get dressed. Is it possible that one city can make one feel so liberated to the point that one feels no barriers? I can’t deny that a big part of me want to live in Paris for a while and hopefully, someday that dream will come true. Until then, I will take each opportunity I can to revisit. Let’s face it, I’ve truly understood why Paris is a good idea.


sara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-tower sara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-towersara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-tower sara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-towersara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-tower sara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-towersara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-towersara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-tower sara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-towersara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-towersara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-tower  sara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-tower


I was wearing

H&M Studio Tunic

 Asos Faux Leather Coluttes

Schutz Lace-up Pumps

Balenciaga bag

Celiné Sunglasses



Photos by Fetish For Fine Fabrics, edited by me. 

  • Natali

    This is an absolutely amazing, minimalistic outfit!


  • Super stylish outfit! Love that leather skirt! 🙂

    Love those gorgeous heels too! 🙂

    Twitter | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  • Oh yes! I definitely can understand why Paris is a good idea! I’m in love with this vibrant city too and I love it even more because I recently got engaged there 🙂 So good to hear that you were able to meet your fellow style blogger! I wish I could join you as well and I sincerely hope to meet you someday in person! You’re one of my favourite bloggers! 🙂 As always, you look stunning, everything is so on point! xo Vivian