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When life comes to a full circle

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With the landscape of social media changing, I’ve spent more focus on something else that has been forever changing. That is, me. Social media haven’t been captivating me in the way it once did. I think that tends to happen when we focus too much on our outer world instead of what’s actually happening within. We tend to forget that the main focus in our lives is our own yet instead we tend to spend countless hours on social media, scrolling, likening, sharing and so forth.


I’ve been a little bit bored of reading the same old story, seeing the repetitiveness and found myself not being able to relate. Maybe a little bit lost at times too. That’s the beauty of getting lost, you’re going to arrive – sooner or later. The deluxe shit storm that I’ve called this year, however with an large amount of gratitude and love I’ve come to full circle.



This space was created in the beginning because I had moved back from Los Angeles to Stockholm. I needed a creative outlet. I needed a job, however, to my disappointment, having a American degree wasn’t hot enough. Not enough to land me the jobs I wanted. Since I had plenty of time, plenty of creative juice that needed to flow – this became the consequence. In the back of my head, I always knew that this blog will take me further in the right direction.


It took me forward, some times backward, till I did it again and came correct. I never felt like I “belonged” in these circles of people, but I played my part because I knew what my purpose was. Don’t get me wrong, I was doing it because the joy of writing, joy of photography which became my way of documenting my way of expression, clothes. I got to travel, meet new people and a lot of new doors have opened along the way.


The funny part is that people has always seen me as a full time blogger. I’m not, in fact I’ve been juggling this side hustle on the weekends until last year when I decided to only work Mondays through Thursdays. But I wasn’t happy at my job, for many reasons but it allowed me to have some flexibility. When I realized that I was done at my job, I started applying.


Who doesn’t love job hunting? Not me at least. The whole thing of writing cover letter with one paragraph after the other proclaiming the work you’ve done. ZzzzZzzzzZ. Sorry I think I fell asleep while writing that. Yeah. That’s how fun job hunting is for me. But to make this long story a shorter one, I landed the job. Not only a job – the job.


The job where I get to focus on the three things I love the most in terms of segments, while doing all sorts of content production, strategizing, web design (that I loooooove doing so much) and all things social media and events. Pinch me! In fact, don’t!


The moral of the story is this: if you want something you create it. With whatever you have. Sometimes we have more options and sometimes it comes down to gathering your skills and creating a space where you can show them off. It may take one moth, year, heck maybe more but here’s what I can tell you – its so worth it and the feeling is so sweet. Would you rather look back at your life not even giving it a genuine try? Or would you rather look back, knowing you did your best because I can tell you one thing, when you operate from a place of joy and happiness towards your dreams, magic happens.

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  • Hi Sara, I finally managed to squeeze some time to read your articles! It’s madness since I returned to work from maternity leave..My office routine has also been changed. I now start at 7.30 AM so I can leave the office on time for Aiden. But I have to say, I’m incredibly tired..Give me a week or three and I’ll -hopefully- get used to my daily routine.
    I truly appreciate your honesty about social media and blogging. Nowadays, people tend to spend more time on social media, hoping to get more “attention”. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but this can affect one’s (personal) goal in a different way. Just like you said, people may forget why they started a creative platform in the first place. And I’m so so glad that you are now enjoying the things you do by just giving yourself something to pursue! Magic does happen 🙂

    P.S. this might be off topic, but my colleague thinks you’re hot! He says if you ever come to Amsterdam, he would like to have a drink with you haha!