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I’m having one of those days today. You know one of those days where I don’t want to see anyone, I’m trying hard to keep my eyes open and mind focused. While my head is spinning of things to do, I can’t stop thinking how much is rather just would love to come home to apartment and soak in the silence and comfort of being in my own space and forget about this social media world.


As a blogger, or influencer as we’re being called today – we have the ability to inspire and influence others. My goal has never been to influence my readers on what to buy, the only contract I signed with myself was to be authentic as a person. However, as a blogger I always stumble upon situations that makes me question others and their purpose.


One of most common misconception is its not a real job, I don’t have a hard time with people not understanding that. Or the business in general, what gets to me is the people who’s in this business but choose to act as they don’t comprehend. Let me break it down for you, there’s a few things that a blogger won’t tell you but most likely have experienced more or less.


1. Numbers
With social media being bloggers biggest tool, numbers play a big deal in the real world as well. Not only will companies evaluate your following, which is only natural but other fellow bloggers will too. There’s been many occasions were a blogger friends overheard another saying that they won’t hang out with s person if they have less than a certain amount of followers on Instagram.
Disgusting? Yeah, I know. But it doesn’t stop there – it goes as far as bullying. The term ‘you can’t sit with us’ is a fact for some people.


2. Jealousy
This subject is one of my all time pet peeve, mainly because I’m allergic to it. One would think that since we’re all same business, people would have understanding that a blog does not happen over a night. And if you want to create content that has value, you need to put in some brain activity. However, there’s plenty of jealousy. Why can’t people be happy for each other and learn from each other’s accomplishments? Why not getting inspired by these accomplishment and create your own success?


3. It’s small world
Although we live a big world, it’s easy to forget how small this world is. People tend to think they can act however they like. But it’s a small business and word gets around and regardless how many followers you have, people will remember you by how you treated them. That goes to you too fellow bloggers!


4. Competition
Honestly girls (and boys), it’s not s competition. The sooner you realize it, the better. This is how I see it, it’s not a competition because I can never be another person and the sooner one realizes that by being who they are – they will start channeling what is true to them in terms of esthetic in photography or voice in writing or whatever your are doing. Focus instead on your journey and sharpening your qualities.


So why do I do this? Get disappointed of how people choose to treat each other based on such meaningless things that are meaningless to our existence? I’ve come to realize that it’s what Elizabeth Gilbert defines as ‘shit sandwich’. Meaning, every career comes with ‘shit sandwiches’ (i.e, rejections and mean comments from people or people on social media), if you’re willing to eat the sandwich that comes with your dreams, then you probably haven’t picked the right dream because you will happily eat that shit sandwich if you love the creative work.




Therefore the answer is simple, I love my creative platform and the possibilities it has given me as well as the persons I’ve met through it. I have encountered some amazing friends via my blog and the business of fashion, ladies whom I take pride in calling a friend, ladies whom continue to inspire me in their work and as humans. They’re the real diamonds, not because how many followers they have but because who they are because thats what matters at the end of the day.


So how do you go from being low on energy, longing to go home and hide under the pillow to eating your shit sandwich with a big smirk on your face? You use that energy and channel it to something sustainable. That makes you happy you had it. Remember one thing, you decide the outcome and you only. The French have a saying that goes “On est jamais mieux servis que par soi même” which means that nobody serves us better than ourselves – and that was exactly my mantra.
 I was wearing
H&M dress – similar here
Photo by: José Martinez
  • Natali

    Fantastic bag and sneakers, you’ve styled this outfit perfectly!


    • Sara

      Thank you Natali! Glad you like it and thank you for being so sweet.


    • Thank you!


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  • theblackblush blog

    I loved this post Sara! I’m pretty new to this blogging world and I really can understand some points you wrote here, specially the jealousy and therefore, lack of originality. Sometimes people forget who they are when they’re trying to be someone else and doing the same things than others do on their blogs and really I don’t get the point.

    Love your look as always!


    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Every business has their less attractive sides but in the end we’re talking about fashion. Its something we’re passionate about (otherwise why put in all the word and energy) but we’re not solving any world problem. It’s pure pleasure and fun.

      One of the things I always say is: stay true to who you are. Because when you do, you wont try being someone else, hence forget where you came from.

      Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.