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Zapisz Zapisz

The Knit Effect

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I’m not a winter person, in fact I find myself reconsidering leaving my apartment ofter during winter. Maybe its my Persian genes protesting against the Swedish climate, but over the years I’ve picked up on a few tricks to handle it better.

That’s why you see me ofter wearing turtlenecks when fall arrives, something about keeping the upper body warm does the trick. Due to many conversations and reading articles about fashion and the pace we consume clothes I’ve decided to invest in pieces that are sustainable. Hence, quality and finding a cut that had a timeless feeling with a modern piece. Since I love mixing elements, masculine with feminine, boxy with something sleek I instantly found this sweater perfect.

If you are following me on Instagram, you might remember a post I did not long ago showing a Celiné box. Well et voila! Here you have them, Caty sunglasses in full on kitty swing. The shape is wonderful and I love the Havana colour of Celine’s sunnies, the brown shade is a nice and smooth contrast to my dark hair. Black can get to much – especially when wearing a full on black look as this one.

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Photos: Anouk, edited by me