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The Guide To Sunscreen


Credits & adlinks: Sunglasses (here) – Skirt (here) – Slippers (here) – Sunscreen (here) – Body spray (here)


One of the most important steps in a skincare routine, many would normally only stress the importance during summer season but it’s just as important to protect your skin the other seasons as well. However, summer is almost here which makes it time to take a closer looks at what kind of protection will serve you the best.


Between avoiding an uncomfortable sunburn, protecting yourself against harmful UV rays, preventing sunspots, fighting against skin cancer and preventing wrinkles, sunscreen is absolutely crucial and I cant stress that enough (you will still manage to get a tan with sunscreen on, trust me). Remember, sunscreen is important for EVERYONE, no matter age or gender. The sun does not discriminate, there’s no exception to the rule here.


I’ve been using Rituals series of sunscreen, both face, body and hair.  I’ve stumbled upon some sunscreens that does not smell so nice earlier, needless to say that Rituals have a great range of scents in all their products and same goes for their sunscreens. I managed to get a tan without any burns, although I was out in the sun for hours.


During weekdays back home, I use sunscreen with minimum SPF 30. But as the sun gets stronger or when abroad, I make sure to provide the protection the skin and hair needs. Yes, your hair can get damaged too. If you have coloured hair, or use styling products that are damaging for the hair I strongly recommend to use a protection spray to maintain a good hair quality.


Okay, be honest with me, do you guys use sunscreen daily? I want to know! Have a great weekend everyone!