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Style File: Summer Coats

Seasonal Frenzy

Summer came and you would think my coats would get some rest. Sit on the bench, and look at all the summer players do it prime time. Swedish summer is a fact and here’s how to stay ready


I’m not sure if there’s anyone else referring to their clothes as if they were people, but clothes have character just as humans. Some are more compliant for some occasions while others aren’t.


If you’ve been following along for a while, I’m sure you’ve noticed this thing I have for coats. Regardless of the season, I just have a soft spot. Maybe it’s because it sets the tone on an entire look – just as shoes can. You can have basic outfit and a coat that is just everything, guess what, your look will be everything.

As I’m writing this, I cant help but to contemplate on how underestimated coats are. Well, not maybe here in the Nordics where we have to be well prepared – or die of the cold.


We’re almost halfway through June, cant believe how quickly the months fell through my hands. A lot has happened and I feel that wee need to adress the fact that the blog has a new look. As the months progressed, a sense of new direction has taken place with me. Instead of being on the continuum of eapaninf distractions I’ve taken a step back. Re-organizer, re-analysed and sorted out do’s and don’ts. Let’s be honest, the creative juice wasn’t really flooding but I feel the appearance of this space really represents me.


That’s the thing with being a creative, the aesthetic sides can sometimes matter so tremendously that no one seems to understand. They don’t have to, what matters is that you do and that it correlates with what is true within you.


I wanted to create a space where I can curate all stories, as well as telling other peoples stories, more to tell later, but for now I feel I’ve given myself a clean slate. A new sheet where my  imagination can drift away, create and tell stories. 


Maybe Maslow’s theory on self-realization wasn’t far fetch. Maybe we’re just in a constant stream of realising the self as we progress, just as the clothes we wear and why. And maybe these are just an extension of the self.


Style File: Summer Coats

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Photos by Salem Indrias, edited by me