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Podcast: Lowdown and why I’m addicted


Being the total sucker for stories that I am, podcast has become a easy way for me to consume more stories and knowledge. Whether it’s a deeper tone or light, I love consuming them because I’ve built in a tactic around them.


Washing the dishes isn’t really something I love, on the contrary. However, listening to a podcast while doing it become more bearable and actually enjoyable. Like a mood enhancer. But I love to consume podcast regardless if it’s something fun or not-so-fun. For instance, training for a race in august has become more pleasurable and I strongly recommend anyone who has a hard time getting motivated: put on a pod of choice and get out. Here’s a small selection of my current favorite podcast’s:


Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gillbert

If you loved Eat Pray Love by the amazing writer Elizabeth, then this is defiantly something for you.  After releasing her book ‘Magic Lessons’ Gillbert wanted to continue and explore creativity with other people. She speaks with various people about the creative works they’re in and why they’re stuck. She gives advice and continuo discussing the subject with a fellow creative friend in next episode so the person can get various insights on how to progress. Magic? Very much so – listening to Elizabeth is like a warm hug. Listen here (link).


The Energy Healing Podcast with Tara Williams

Want I love about this podcast is how Tara Williams share her story of getting into energy work and helping others to learn as well. Tara brings guest, share personal stories and techniques to progress in your own personal life. The tone is light although the topics can be deeper, which illustrates how one can talk about skindeep topics and still keeping it light. Tune in here (link).


The High Low

a weekly podcast by Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, two journalists who talks just about the highs and lows in terms of latest events and headlines. These ladies are incredibly witty and funny, fast paced and enthusiastic and best of all…. (drumroll) sarcastic. Yes, I get my dose of up-to-speed-brittish humour by listening two these ladies. .Listen here (link).


The Power Meeting Podcast (swedish/english)

Shout out to my friends behind TPMP – almost like a masculine version of the high low uncovering various subjects from across the world. They discuss everything from modern culture, music, movies, to personal stories. Three guys with a great dynamic, they also have guest on the show including your truly. If you want to listen to that episode in particular, tune in here (link).


Under Huden by Kakan Hermansson (swedsih)

One of my favorite people out in the Swedish media sphere, because listening to her at a podcast is exactly how she is IRL. If you’re into beauty, whether its skincare or makeup – this one is for you. She discovers the subject of beauty with guests, a lot of times, these subjects are more than skin deep. Kakan shares tips and tricks, beauty from a different point of view which gives the world of beauty a more diverse perspectives. Stay tuned here (link).


Pardon my French

By my all-time favorite influencer and artist, Garance Doré. Not only is Garance an amazing interviewer and amazing storyteller, but she also does it authentic way by disclosing private parts of her own life. She interviews people whom inspire her, the topic varies which gives her series of podcast great variation. She also started Pocket Pardom My French, a series of shorter episodes were she discuss different topics with her staff members. Tune in here (link).



 I have a thing for smart, witty, intelligent women who can formulate a sentence and make your mind pop. Sometimes it’s of joy, for the love of sarcastic undertones and sometimes for how beautifully she concretises a situation or subject. Insightful Leandra Medin knows how to add humor yet I love how she allows herself to be vulnerable whilst juggling life. Listen here (link).


Ihop med Josefin (swedish)

Josefin Crawford and Quetzala Blanco talks everything relationships and sex. Sometimes, they have guests on and at times it’s just the two of them. I really enjoy this podcast because of the topic, talking relationships (whatever kind of it is) is what we do most. I’d like to claim at least the vast majority does, which makes this podcast very relatable. Laughter guaranteed! Tune in here (link).

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