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SFW Day One Highlights

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The Stylien collection stood out for me with consisting of beautiful latex pieces,

First day of Fashion Week

First day of Fashion Week! The upcoming week is going to to be hectic but if you want to get a closer insight of the madness, make sure to follow along on snapchat

Rolled-Up Straight Jeans

Remember my previous jeans trend prediction? Sayonara skinnies, hello rolled-up straight fitted jeans. Yes, I have converted and couldn’t you when you find the perfect model that has that timeless classic touch yet up to date.

Polar Bear

The fact that this winter has been forced one to brave the winter bites is an understatement. Between attempting to maintaining some kind of body heat without loosing any sense of style and desperately looking for

Inside a creative mind

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One of the most common misconceptions we face today are the judgments we’re casting based upon what we’re seeing on various social media channels.  

What to Wear: Night Out When It’s Cold

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Although the christmas festivities are over, the party still continues.

Are we fed up with resolutions?

Everybody’s talking about it, or talking about how their not making any this year. I’m talking about resolutions, my friends. Personally, I like to observe and this year I’ve noticed several post and Instagram picture while browsing that nobody likes a skinny sober ‘bitch’ (excuse the choice of word, theirs – not mine).

2015’s Favourite Looks

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And we’re off to a new start, new begging and indeed new opportunities.

Most Common Blogging Q’s

Over the past months, I’ve been receiving questions about my blogging journey. The questions are getting asked more frequently, hence the decision to write this post. Although I am very humbled by each mail I receive – I hope you find this helpful, I’ve been only blogging for a year so receiving these kind of mails and questions are humbling.

Grown with me

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I often drop the term Uniform when describing my daily outfits –

The Holiday Survival Guide – Part 1

Tips and tricks to keep you looking stylish and feeling good through the New Year,


Last week, Zalando hosted the most amazing christmas dinner here in Stockholm.

At Emma’s

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When I first spotted Emma’s photos of her home,

One year anniversary

Today isn’t just any day, its my blogs birthday! Its already been a year since I released the news about this platform of mine. I remember how excited I was, all the work and planning that went on before it came to it final result as well as how the landscape has revolved as I have.

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