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Three Things You Should Do Before Waking Up

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Is it just me or does anything that hasent anything to with fashion week feel somewhat irrelevant?

How To Create Your Own Un(i)form

If I had to wear one look for the rest of spring, this would probably be it. As the weather is (slooowly) getting warmer, I find myself inspired and filled with ideas I want to actualise. Don’t worry, you’ll have a seat at the first row (as if I’m doing a runway show

Asymmetrical cut denim

As for the second look in the Colin.se feature, I wore a typical day-to-day uniform. A look that works like a charm, its chic and sophisticated while not compromising on the current trends.

Weekend Wears

There’s something about Sunday’s, and for some reason it has been one of my favorite days of the week. However, people often react when I say this – maybe because it’s the last day of the weekend and Monday is just around the corner which translates to back to the same grind. Hence, laying at home and squeezing out the last 24 hours of horizontally nothingness.

Blogging: Looking for Inspiration in all the wrong Places

As the fashion industry is moving through an interesting paradigm of shift, so are the social media…

Let’s Discuss: Extroverted intovert

Over a short period of time, I have been stumbling upon a few in regards to being an introvert vs. extrovert – and being both. Although I was familiar with both types I was fascinated by the combination of being both.Naturally, I digged in full nerd mode which is what I usually do when something fascinates me a lot. As I continued researching, puzzle pieces started to fall into place.

New York Runway Highlights Fall 2016

My anticipations tends to run (very) high when New York Fashion Week kicks off. Whether its the shows and presentations, old or new favourite designers or street-style highlights – NYF offers a interesting verity, in which I wish we had more of up here in Scandinavia

Copenhagen Fashion Week

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For the first day of Copenhagen Fashion Week, my goal was to dreas as comftoble as possible to make the experience as pleasurble as possible.

Step by step





Although I have plenty of looks to share from last weeks Fashion Week madness,


First day of Stockholm Fashion Week was kicked off with a simplistic look, wearing black trousers, white shirt with majestic wide cuffs topped with a color blocked coat and heels from our Swedish favourite brand, Acne Studios.

Elle Sweden SFW AW16

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Various looks captured by Elle’s street-style photographer outside during Stockholm Fashion Week.

From Stockholm to Copenhagen Fashion Week

Hello from Copenhagen! Feels great to be back in this beautiful city for my second CPHFW.

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