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I slowed it down and forced myself to not pick up the camera at every block..

Vivid Phases

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With the embarking of spring, a tiered phase is coming to a full circle. The spring sun has done me well, especially here in Paris.

Sara Che 2.0

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With all the changes hat has been occurring the past months,

Action Of Kindness

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I have this thing for bathtubs.

Foundational Thoughts

Some things come effortlessly, just as if its built in your DNA, some things come effortlessly, just as if its built in your DNA. Same goes with personal style and devolving a style that reflects the person you are, and in the becoming of.

Baum und Pferdgarten

In February, I had the pleasure of giving Copenhagen a brief visit to attend their Fashion Week. Although we’re Scandinavian neighbours, there are many contrast between these two countries’ and knowing so, it was very exciting to experience what those differences where to be in terms of fashion and the concept of fashion week.

Striking Stripes

Not only where I start my day, whether its at the gym followed by a breakfast meeting or just catching some much needed vitamin D’s by myself – but what I’m wearing has a big impact. There have been times where you have read me writing that what I am wearing can tell you how I am feeling, mood and etc. but it can also set the tone of how you want to feel. There’s no coincidence that the term power suit came up, it really explains that a suit can make a person more powerful.

Turn The Page

Its been a while now, I’ve been leaving trails of clues here and there and yesterday I shared what I have actually been up these past months. Although the caption wasn’t elaborating what this new path means, I though it would be a great opportunity to break it down for you here.

Connect The Dots

As the weather is slowly but surely getting warmer, the urge for leaving everything knitted gets higher. Transitional seasons can be fun, yet challenging at times. Fun because it means a new season is around the corner whilst the weather can vary.
For some reason, this sums up my current situation in life. But then one could argue that life is one big transition (okay, I’m not going too philosophical but bare with me for a second). The words ‘transition’

Dinner is served!

Last week I showed you a preview of how my I’m decorating my dinner table for Easter dinner. Lets just say that I got inspired to play more with HIMLA’s beautiful textiles and decided to throw something together that exemplified me more.

The Art Of Principles

If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything at all. There are a few principles that I don’t compromise on, they’ve been practiced far too long and developed into a routine – a way of being.

How To Give Your Classic Shirt A Spin

The past weeks I have almost been hoarding white shirts, preferably with wide sleeves. A white shirt is classic staple, and what I love about the new silhuettes is the new spin its given.

Style Essentials: Statement Sunglasses

No collection is complete without an amazing pair of statement sunglasses. Everyone should have a pair of statement shades to bring out when they’re feeling bold. Once in a while it’s fun to rock an eye-catching, fashion forward look and a great pair if statement shades can totally transform an outfit from drab to fab in an second.


Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognised who person looking back is? It’s like one has been used to seeing something (or someone) that has changed over time and all of sudden, you wake up to the realisation that that old you is gone.

Personal Invite: The Block Party

Tuesday can be a drag, thats why I’m giving you a chance to frown upside down with some colors.
Speaking of colors, colorblocking is one of the trends to count on this season as you can see – I have already given it a kickstart

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