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Zapisz Zapisz

Stop Exercising. Start Training

Posted on

It started from a place of wanting more for…

ALIX Kinda Girl

I just love brands that tells a story with…

Let’s discuss: when did jealousy become a compliment

It’s been now a year. It’s interesting how things can change with time…

Athens Snapshots

The more I’ve explored Greece, the more I want to…

Guided Meditations

I’ve found something that really helps me, something that improves many…

The Guide To Sunscreen

Many would normally only stress the importance during summer season but…

My Kinda Stripes

As we know, transitional seasons can be challenging since

Beauty: Skin Care Routine

Battle acne isn’t fun, neither is the aftermath of a scarred skin

On the right track of pants

I’m defiantly into track pants, especially because I love to


I’m always reminded of meeting Leila here in Stockholm when

Stand in your own light

When we turn inwards and truly dedicate ourselves to…


Six simplified steps to meditation and how to make it habit

Up close and personal with my scars

The moment you guys get to see these scars up close and

The (wrong) Way

The issues needs to addressed with more care and not their way…

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