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Lets Discuss: Blogging & The Boyfriend



While some blogger friends argue that their boyfriends can’t take the right outfit picture,

It’s that time again…

If there is a catchword that sums up 2015, it must be transparency. Whether it is in reference to Hillary Clinton’s emails: “I am trying to be as transparent as I possibly can.” Or the fact that smartphones and social media have given us a direct view of what it’s like to be a black person in this country dealing with law enforcement officials, we are living in an age where formerly locked doors are being thrown open.

Sombre by Therese Frieberg

sara-che-makeover-by-therese-frieberg sara-che-makeover-by-therese-frieberg


Payed my dear friend  Therese a visit yesterday to get my hair done.

Goodbye Berlino



Berlin sure delivered,


  • sara-che-red-suit-blazer-trouser-vans-low-sneaker-black-chaos-urban-outfitters-hoodie-monki-round-mirror-sunglasses


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