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Coffee Date With Therese Frieberg

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It’s time to introduce a new segment here on Sara Che,

Parisian Feel

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There’s that certain something about Parisiennes,

The Faux Fur


Conquering the cold investments pieces that been this winters mantra,

The Uniform


As you may have figured out by now that there is nothing I love more than an sleek outfit,

The Bomber Jacket


The distinction between off-duty and on-duty wear has always been a hazy concept. 

Monochrome Home Office


As a journalist, having a home office to sit and write has been a dream for some years.

Recap of 2014 – Part 1




Another year is coming to an end, 

Article in Refinery 29


The worlds largest independent style site,

Lets Discuss: Blogging & The Boyfriend



While some blogger friends argue that their boyfriends can’t take the right outfit picture,

It’s that time again…

If there is a catchword that sums up 2015, it must be transparency. Whether it is in reference to Hillary Clinton’s emails: “I am trying to be as transparent as I possibly can.” Or the fact that smartphones and social media have given us a direct view of what it’s like to be a black person in this country dealing with law enforcement officials, we are living in an age where formerly locked doors are being thrown open.

Goodbye Berlino



Berlin sure delivered,

Stylight Blogger Conference



Good evening from a rainy Berlin!

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