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Zapisz Zapisz

How to Wear Gladiator Sandals

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After Paris Fashion Weeks SS15 was over,

LA LA Land


My first day back in LA couldn’t have started any better,

All White Attire

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What screams summer vibes more than an all white attire?

Acne Studios

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Acne Studios debuted its first full eyewear collection this week,

NY Magazine

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New York Magazine featured on how to wear a jumpsuit,

Living Room Decorating

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I must admit that I was happily surprised that the latest article about my bedroom story became a hug hit,

Top Three LA Spots

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Cochella is become one of those event when people go on a pilgrimage  from all around the world to join the festivities.

Another Way of Layering



The temperature is finally headed towards the right direction,

5 Ways To Get a Great Start in The Morning


How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Hair Style Diary and Confessions

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A lot can happen in a year, a lot of changes and certainly a lot of changes in hair styles.

Weekend Wear



The first thing that came in mind when realizing that its Easter this weekend was too book flights for me and my friend to London.

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