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Blurred Lines

As a blogger you can at some times find it hard to decide what you want to publish. What should remain private and what can you share?
For me, the line between public (well what I put out on the internet for the public) life can be blurry. Sure, I love to share some aspects of my life but taking the decision to go public

Paint outside the lines

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As a child, I was always communicating through the written word and drawings.


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I have a very special relationship with my hair, it communicates my mood –

The Perfect Jeans



“I have often said that I wish I had invented  blue jeans: the most spectacular,

Beauty: Fall Remedies

As soon as the temperature started dropping I could see the trails of the dry air on my face. The Scandinavian climate can be harsh, as well on the skin which its very important to make sure you’re skin is getting the perfect treatment and shield again the cold weather.

How to: wear the mermaid skirt

sara-che-acne-studios-leather-jacket-knit-sweater-the-fifth-label-turningin-skirt-givenchy-pervert-bag-celine-caty-sunglasses sara-che-acne-studios-leather-jacket-knit-sweater-the-fifth-label-turningin-skirt-givenchy-pervert-bag-celine-caty-sunglasses sara-che-acne-studios-leather-jacket-knit-sweater-the-fifth-label-turningin-skirt-givenchy-pervert-bag-celine-caty-sunglasses sara-che-acne-studios-leather-jacket-knit-sweater-the-fifth-label-turningin-skirt-givenchy-pervert-bag-celine-caty-sunglassessara-che-acne-studios-leather-jacket-knit-sweater-the-fifth-label-turningin-skirt-givenchy-pervert-bag-celine-caty-sunglasses sara-che-acne-studios-leather-jacket-knit-sweater-the-fifth-label-turningin-skirt-givenchy-pervert-bag-celine-caty-sunglasses   sara-che-acne-studios-leather-jacket-knit-sweater-the-fifth-label-turningin-skirt-givenchy-pervert-bag-celine-caty-sunglasses sara-che-acne-studios-leather-jacket-knit-sweater-the-fifth-label-turningin-skirt-givenchy-pervert-bag-celine-caty-sunglasses sara-che-acne-studios-leather-jacket-knit-sweater-the-fifth-label-turningin-skirt-givenchy-pervert-bag-celine-caty-sunglasses    sara-che-acne-studios-leather-jacket-knit-sweater-the-fifth-label-turningin-skirt-givenchy-pervert-bag-celine-caty-sunglasses

The mermaid skirt could scare a few of you away,

How to: Layer To Look Taller




I have a giant, a great, a super mega crush on outerwear.

Are Fashion Blogs Dying out?

As the internet and social media keeps progressing, the business of fashion blogs do too.

Feature: Ilovefashionbloggers

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I had the honour to be interviewed by Ilovefashionbloggers last week,

Woke Up Like This

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I have always been delighted at the

prospect of a new day,

Why Paris is A Good Idea

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Paris, FR

Its fascinating how different cities can evoke different sides within,  

Chunky Knit

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Every time fall comes, I start adding knits to my wardrobe.

Playing With Layers

This time of the year is simply beautiful, transitional phases appeals to me and maybe because it’s a reminder that things are in a constant movement.

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How to: wear the mermaid skirt
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