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As always, we start with the numbing cream. It makes all the difference, about 20-25 minutes does the trick.



Elin, my skin therapist starts with cleaning the skin thoroughly. It’s always nice to lay day on the bench as she tucks you in, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy coming to them. You will be taken cared of.



Before needling, an Active serum gets applied which helps the process of the needling. Although the serum is strong, it doesn’t hurt once its applied on the skin. Nor the needling if you’ve been numbed properly.


The needling itself is a fast procedure, actually about 15 minutes for both cheeks which makes this treatment more time efficient than a chemical peel for example.


Back at Akademikliniken for my forth Dermapen treatment, my skin therapist Elin noticed a more intense redness in my skin. Earlier that morning I had made the same observations, which lead me to think over what actually causes redness.

When it comes to solutions, holistic solutions seem just more logical and the best way to approach the issue. Our skin is the biggest organ, something that protects us from the outer world as well as detoxifying function for us, such as when we are sweating.

After a little googling, I stumbled upon more intel on anti-inflammatory diet and what actually can affect redness in the skin. Sugar is one of them, Sara Sweet tooth cried on the inside for a second although being fully aware. This was not news. Maybe just a realization that I need to break up with candy. Again.

But instead of focusing on the things I wont be eating (the foodie in me really shins through here haha) there’s a interest for anti-inflammatory diets increasing. Pinterest being a go-to source of inspiration for recipes amongst more, had a lot useful intel.


Zink, Magnesium, A-vitamin, D-vitamin. These four are essential for ones’ skin and how the stomach and contestants’ functions. A lack of these four can have a negative for our skins. For instance, Golden Milk which contains a daily free milk and turmeric has healing and anti-inflamatoric benefits for your body – e.i. your skin. Ive started trying it out, recipe and review on  turmeric rich diet will be coming shortly. 


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