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Let’s Discuss: My Plastic Surgery

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Well if that isn’t a controversial blog title, I don’t know what is. The past days, I have been contemplating whether I should share this with you all or not. Since the beginning, I’ve been honest with you, transparent and showed more vulnerability than any other blogger I know. To be honest, I take pride in that because honesty and realness is something I value.

Although this has nothing with vulnerability to do, I simply wanted to share this with you because it may help someone else or at least clear and shed some light at how a possible process could be. Before deciding to go through with the procedure, I couldn’t find a post about the subject where the person shared their experience, the ones I found were either those horrifying stories where everything went wrong. Friends that have been in the same position said they couldn’t find anything either which is why I hope this post finds someone who looking for a neutral yet true story.

There are many ways to formulate this but I’m just going to type it. I had a nose job last week.

I’ve been thinking about getting one for over ten years, the fear of going under the knife has been the main reason why I haven’t gone through with. In all honesty, I’ve been going back and forth between “this is how my nose looks, and I’m just going to own it” to “maybe I should consider getting a consultation”. For ten years, I’ve been going back and forth and it escalated the past three years. This might sound silly but I felt it grew bigger and the proportions weren’t right.

I’ve heard all the comments such as “you don’t need it”, “there’s nothing wrong with your nose” and even “your nose is what makes you – you ” so please allow me to clarify a few things. No, there was never anything “wrong” with my nose but I wanted it look smaller. My nose is NOT what makes me, this comment is just ridiculous – my personality and heart is what makes me. Kindly  spare me those comments, please.

I booked a couple of consultations, one was really great and the other one was horrible. Since the first doctor was amazing, we literately hugged after the consultation was done so I felt it was now or never – I booked a date.

Family and friends asked me for weeks if I was nervous, I wasn’t. Logically, I thought I should be since I’ve been afraid with going through with it but I couldn’t feel any signs of nervousness. I laughed it off and blamed it on my busy schedule.

The day came, still not nervous. My mother was more nervous than I.  The moment I had dreaded the most came, lying on the bed in the surgery room under lamps but I still felt super cool. The staff was absolutely incredible and so friendly, I felt well taken care off. Before I knew it, I woke up and the show was over. A little drowsy because of the anaesthetics but no pain, no bruises and just a little swallowing around my right eye. Thats it! No joke, I was chocked too!

I’ve expected being bruised and not being able to open my eyes. I wasn’t the only one being chocked, my family and friend were just as chocked as I. But what can I say, i picked a really awesome doctor. These pictures were taken yesterday, as you can see there its swollen but you could never have guessed the surgery was only a week ago.

So, there you have it. And if this post ever finds a person who’s considering surgery – I hope this sheds light on how one person experienced it.  I could never say to a person if he/she should do or not with a surgery, and it’s not my place to have an opinion either. I believe that is a private matter that one should do for herself/himself and not based on what others think or may think. Also,  I am not some twenty year old girl who just woke up one day and decided to go through with this, I’m a thirty something year old woman who has been contemplating surgery for over ten years, I found a doctor that I felt comfortable enough with to go though it.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them – or share your experience if you had surgery.




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  • David

    Someone’s look is their prerogative. In the end it is a look as stated it is not who they are. You felt strongly enough to make a decision that impacted your outlook. Congratulations on being confident enough to make your own decision. But then again this is par the course for you.

    • Sara

      Thank you so much David! Have a good one 🙂

  • viktoria

    you are so beautiful!


    • Sara

      You’re so kind! Thank you dear 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

      xo Sara

  • It’s very brave of you to share your personal story with your readers. Sharing such personal stories make you even more beautiful! I truly like your honesty and personality. You are seriously a strong and powerful lady and I’m glad that I’ve found your blog! 😉 xo Vivian

    • Sara

      Oh thank you so much Vivian. You’re always so kind and I truly enjoy reading your comments, I’m so glad you found my blog too. Hope you’re having a wonderful day hun’.


  • Malaysia Healthcare

    Hi, you courage inspired us and thank you for sharing.