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Hair Talks: How I Get Defined Curls

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There tends be a common misconception that curly hair is effortless. Sure, we do want the hair to look effortless but it takes care. After visiting Devashaun Salon in New York last year, a new world of principles on curly hair care opened for me.


However, the misconceptions on curly hair is not only coming from people with other hair types. No. One of the most common feedback I get on curls is from curly heads, and how their curls aren’t defined.


Sweetie, go back one year in my Instagram feed. Those were not curls on my hair, that was a depressed string of hair fighting for it’s life to get back to it’s texture. I had been blow drying it and straghtning it for years, now wonder it looked like it was having an anxiety attack (haha!)


Hair needs care, meaning a lot of moist. Curls are at it’s best when it’s properly moisturized, which is also why my hair is a dream when in a place with high density. However, if you apply these tips to your hair routine you will notice that not only will your curls become more defined but your lock will also get tighter.


Wet hair

My hair lacks definition if it’s dry (like most curls) and for best results I’ll apply any and all leave-ins whilst in the shower. My hair is low porosity too so the water gives my hair moisture and the heat from the shower actually allows it to penetrate instead of just rolling right off. Product then also has a chance to absorb and as my hair is wet I don’t have to use a lot.



My hair doesn’t stay curly on in it’s own and is naturally frizz-prone so I’ll always rely on leave-ins. I start with a leave-in conditioner like Biolage Raw Nourish Conditioner Leave-In Conditioner and) Biolage Raw Re-bodify Clay Mask. Both are pretty similar in terms of results so I usually rely on one or the other and once applied that’s when I go in with a defining product. After showering, I add Living Proofs Curl Serie Leave-In followed by their Curl Defining Cream. The last one, I usually add some water when applying since the more moist the hair has – the better. Not all defining products are made equal so if you’ve found one you absolutely love stick with it. I’ve found these types of products can be hit and miss – many giving me crunchy or limp strands with the definition only lasting a day


Scrunching, smoothing and finger coiling

I’m really lazy with my hair so most days I simply apply the product and smooth or scrunch into the hair. I very rarely use combs or brushes so I tend to work in the product or rake through with my fingers. I see the best results when working in really small sections so I’ll start at the back and slowly work my way up. When I’ve got more time (and patience) I’ll coil tiny sections around my finger to make my hair more spring-y.


Air drying or diffusing

I’ve noticed that doing a combination of them both is the magic solution for my hair and the volume that I like to archive with my curls. Firstly, I let it airdry and it can vary from 20-40 minutes depending on the time of the day. But with a diffuser, it gives the hair that extra bounce. The best thing is to try different ways of drying to see what your hair likes the best,


That’s being said, curls take care and time. Don’t stress it, but most of all don’t be discouraged to and think that your curls aren’t pretty enough just because they arenrt super defined right away –  give it some love and it will do the same for you.

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  • Happy Wednesday Sara! Here I am again hahah 🙂 Yes, I can still remember you with straight hair a few years ago! Curls or not, you still look perfect! And I wish I had your curls! I never had the chance to get any curls to be honest..and let me tell you something, I even can’t do a permanent as my hair structure can’t handle waves or curls. It will be too ‘heavy’ to carry my hair stylist once said. Anyway, thank you for sharing your tips on getting defined curls! I think they are useful for girls who have curly hair 🙂 xo, Vivian