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Hair care: put a mask on it

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Hold your horses! No. I have not straightened my hair. In fact, the thought of running a straightening iron through my hair gave me a one second parlays when attempting to “play” with the though of it so I don’t see that happning any time soon. I love my curls too much to do that, after a year learning the ways of my locks a straightening iron felt like I would abuse my hair. Luckily, I learned that there are other options.


What started as a night in with various masks and a list of self-care activities stacked up for my evening I discovered the power of deep conditioning. My curly Moroccan friends have over and over mentioned the power of coconut oil over night, and if you’re a curly girl with a tight schedule you know that even the hair needs it’s own block in a schedule.

I’ll break it down for you; not only does my shower routine contain products that needs to stay in my hair a bit longer in order for the hair to actually soak in the products as well as when drying, a mix of air dry and defuse can make all the changes in the world for your hair. Hence, you don’t want to stress your hair through that.


After application of the mask was done I decided to put it in a low bun, instead of pulling the hair back I divided it in the middle and voilà! Here’s the funny part, what started as a over night mask ritual became a two day thing my hair incredibly soft and more glow once showering it out. I’ve been receiving so many nice comments on this hairstyle, which is super nice and humorous since I’m actually wearing a hair mask, ha! I guess it comes down to Tim Gun’s famous words “make it work”.

put a mask on it

  • Natali

    Thats so cool, you get to rock a gorgeous hairdo while you’re nourishing your hair at the same time! 🙂
    I love your curls but this sleek low bun looks perfect on you too!


    • Thank you Natali! Exactly, haha cant help but to laugh but its just point on. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend dear. xx

  • viktoria

    Thank you for this post! really need to try some new products


    • Glad you enjoyed it Viktoria! Hope you’re having a great weekend. xx

  • Well, I’d say it’s a win-win! Never thought you are using a hair mask in order to get straight hair. But I think you look absolutely stunning! Actually, both hair styles suit you so well! You look super feminine and chic here, nicely done Sara! 😉

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