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Zapisz Zapisz

Let’s Discuss: Extroverted intovert

Over a short period of time, I have been stumbling upon a few in regards to being an introvert vs. extrovert – and being both. Although I was familiar with both types I was fascinated by the combination of being both.Naturally, I digged in full nerd mode which is what I usually do when something fascinates me a lot. As I continued researching, puzzle pieces started to fall into place.

Most Common Blogging Q’s

Over the past months, I’ve been receiving questions about my blogging journey. The questions are getting asked more frequently, hence the decision to write this post. Although I am very humbled by each mail I receive – I hope you find this helpful, I’ve been only blogging for a year so receiving these kind of mails and questions are humbling.

Blurred Lines

As a blogger you can at some times find it hard to decide what you want to publish. What should remain private and what can you share?
For me, the line between public (well what I put out on the internet for the public) life can be blurry. Sure, I love to share some aspects of my life but taking the decision to go public