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Blueberry Apple Porrdige

One of the perks of my building is that it has a balcony overlooking the backyard. Living in the city has lately got me longing after breakfast outdoors, preferably somewhere I cant hear buss number 55 driving by.

Luckily, this little balcony allows just that. Having  a balcony in the city is considered a luxury – well, I at least do because you get to be in the comfort of your home and while enjoying breakfast outdoors. You know  hoe much I love breakfast!

Since I am attempting to a plant-based, I’ve been adding more fruits and to my breakfast. Lately, I’ve also  been on a porridge frenzy, not only does it taste good, easy too cook and keeps you full for many hours, but also because whole grains and whole-grain derivatives have a high amount of dietary fiber.

Carbohydrates are macronutrients needed for optimal brain function and energy through the course of the day. Porridge contains a high amount of complex carbs, which get digested

at a slow pace, unlike simple carbs. This gives you lasting energy. Since my working days tend to be usually around 12 hours loung, diet with the right type of energy is becoming more essential for me. As mentioned before, I don’t believe in quick fixes, rather more of a holistic and long lasting solutions.

So if you want to eat a easy and nutritionist breakfast, build some porridge or try overnight oats. What you add on it as toppings, is just a matter of preferences.

Speaking of toppings, an easy way to add flavour is to just add the fruits or berries of your preference while boiling the porridge. I like to add frozen blueberries, makes the breakfast less plain. Then, add apples, boiled fresh blueberries, coconut flakes, chia seeds with milk of choice. Coconut milk and almond milk are my preferences.

My second intention for this summer involves reading more books. Although I roughly almost listening to something (e.i. music, podcast, books) I’ve noticed how much I miss detaching from everything by deep-diving into a book.

However, I’m not reading a new book. 40 Rules of Love by Elif Shafak was found while 

cleaning and clearing out my apartment. You see, my third intention for this summer is to down-size. Yes! Be more mindful of what I own and end the hopeless fashion hoarding. Let’s face it, nobody need 20 pairs of jeans.

After attending Swedish Fashion Councils lovely dinner and panel discussion on sustainability and denim production amongst

with Isko motivation sparked higher to actually stop thinking and start actualising. What are your thoughts on conscious fashion?

Speaking of fashion, this beautiful dress is From Love and Lemons. One of many favourite Australian brands. My love for Australian designs continue, this one being a cute yet

casual dress that can easily be worn at home or day party – all depending on your preferences. When sitting on the balcony, I want to max out on the sun hence the cuter option of attire that you rarely see me in. For more details on the dress, click on the image below and roar around a few of my For Love and Lemons favourites. 

Hope you all are enjoying your summer, regardless if your working or on vacation. I hope you find the time to rest, relax and restore energy but most of all I hope you are having fun.

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