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“How much of you is in your Instagram feed?”

she asked me as she scrolled down my feed. The answer to the question was simply yet complex. These paradox subjects have always had a way of intriguing me, getting my attention and making me ask: how? And why? The later being one that I ask myself on a daily basis.

It can also be one of the reasons why I’ve always gone my own way, not to say I can’t take directions, but I question them. There isn’t one way of doing things, and most importantly; the reason how and why it’s done needs to correlate with my basic fundamentals.


Speaking if fundamentals, showing followers on Instagram my morning routine is just one of many that connects to these fundamentals. Life can be lived in so many ways, it comes down to being at a place where you are happy with yourself. When we are in a great place with oneself, we can be better people for others. The truth is that everything is connected, how we feel  has consequences. It affects how we treat others, how others treat have not only a local impact but a global


. These paradox subjects have always had a way of intriguing me, getting my attention and making me ask. How? And why? The later being one that I ask myself on a daily basis.


You see, we need to understand everything is connected. What I do will impact others and also the world. How can you now continue to see life as just you? Once this is understood, you cant go back. You don’t want to, because once one understands we can affect, then you know nothing is ever lost. It can be as simple as smiling to a stranger, that smile can be the best thing that happens that person. It might change the day to the better. It has happened to me, simple selfless actions that are just basic kindness or manors that has taken my shit day to a great one. One should never underestimate the impact of these gentle actions.


I will never forget the days after the horrific terror attack in Stockholm. The city changed to place where every single person showed kindness and respect to one and another. The pace in the subway was cool, calm and collected. There was a sense of humbleness in the air. No one rushed, there was a

collective awarness that was just profound. I shared my reflections with others, they had noticed similar observations. So how much of my Instagram cumulates me? I’d like to answer that it’s just fractions as well all of me. However, this space is where I invite you to take it a step further. Writing has always been a passion and a way of expressing myself. Just like my style, or photography. It’s also a great way to document my own journey. Although this started as creative platform, its become a place where more people visited than I could have imagined in the earlier stage. This space comes now with responsibly.

Being called ‘influencer’ comes with a responsibility. But we need to understand that if we break it down, that responsibility comes to everyone. That’s what I’ve come down to my Instagram and feed and blog. Why I am called influencer? Why are certain responsibilities only “connected” to certain people? Yes I am always asking these why’s. Why aren’t you?

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Photos by: Hedda Dibinger,  edited by me