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Zapisz Zapisz

Stop Exercising. Start Training

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It started from a place of wanting more for…


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I am hopeless when it comes to being on a kick. For instance, do you play a song on repeat for days until you squeezed the kick out of it?

Yoga Benefits: body, mind, & spirit

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Yoga has helped me tremendously. Not only from a physical standpoint but also on a…

Red & Ruffled Midsummer

I have been on a red kick lately. It’s quickly becoming my new favorite statement color


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When it comes to solutions, holistic solutions seem just more logical and the best way to approach the issue. Our skin is the biggest organ

7 Way’s your wasting your time

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Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Time management can seem like an art form, but a few simple adjustments can do all the difference you need.

Style File: Summer Coats

Clean slates, new beginnings of self-realisation and coats in the mix

How To Nail It

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Manicured nails is a sign of good character she said…

Puncturing Consciousness: Happy Aniversay

It’s been now a year. It’s interesting how things can change with time…

Let’s discuss: when did jealousy become a compliment

It’s been now a year. It’s interesting how things can change with time…

Sunshine & Rainbows

& Other Stories and Toms paired up for a beautiful collaboration…

Guided Meditations

I’ve found something that really helps me, something that improves many…

Another Pink Story

Another summer season is here and the pink-mani…

My Kinda Stripes

As we know, transitional seasons can be challenging since

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