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Zapisz Zapisz

Stop Exercising. Start Training

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It started from a place of wanting more for…

Love Letter to Photography

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In the beginning, it didn’t mean much. It was this thing my father used to wave around with, “Sara, stand next to your sister”, he said and

Hair care: put a mask on it

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Hold your horses! No. I have not straightened my hair.

A letter to Authenticity

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It’s been a year of trials and tribulations, as these six past months has put me on a journey my life has in the same time felt as it was standing still. It was not. It was moving in full force.

Wrap Dress

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Summers It-dress and all it’s possibilities

Hair Talks: How I Get Defined Curls

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There tends be a common misconception that curly hair is effortless

How to Dress for an Urban Summer

Most of us still live in the real world from May to September

Personal Style Update

easy, casual ensembles for summer in the city …

Blueberry Apple Porrdige

One of the perks of my building is that it has a balcony overlooking the backyard.

Yoga Benefits: body, mind, & spirit

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Yoga has helped me tremendously. Not only from a physical standpoint but also on a…

Life as a Highly Sensitive Person

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According to research, 15-20% of the world population has these traits. In fact, biologists have found it in over


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When it comes to solutions, holistic solutions seem just more logical and the best way to approach the issue. Our skin is the biggest organ

All Occasions

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Once this is understood, you cant go back. You don’t want to, because once one understands we can affect, then you know nothing is ever lost.

Style File: Summer Coats

Clean slates, new beginnings of self-realisation and coats in the mix

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The Knit Effect
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